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Jade Robert - Art Advisor, advises you and assists you throughout the realization of your artistic project. From its elaboration to its achievement, we put at your disposal our expertise as well as our cultural network so that it corresponds perfectly to your practical and aesthetic expectations. We create a buying experience free of all constraints by supervising the administrative and logistical steps related to your future acquisition. Our services are aimed at both private and corporate collectors. 

We have at heart to find a fair balance between the economic, aesthetic and practical concerns of our collectors. This is why we develop erudite and rigorous purchasing strategies that we adapt to each of them.


Jade Robert is an Singapore based contemporary art advisor, author and curator. Originally from France, where she also graduated in art history, Jade trained in 20th and 21st century art production. Specialized in gender studies, notably in the performative practices of the 1970s-1980s, she has participated in numerous roundtables and conferences dedicated to the subject. Her interest in the art market led her to put aside her academic career to fully dedicate herself to the economic sphere and the actors that shape it. Trained in the Parisian art scene, Jade has evolved within numerous art galleries where she quickly proved herself. 

Now based in Asia, the young woman has decided to found her own company in order to expand the selection of artists she offers to her clients as well as to allow her to diversify her services. She also sees the opportunity to renew with the scientific consonance of her profession by getting involved and by supporting the historical valorisation of the various actors of the local artistic scene. 

With a desire to democratize art and its access, Jade advises both neophyte clients and established collectors. She collaborates with individuals as well as professionals. 

Wishing to link her past knowledge to her present environment, Jade wishes to contribute to a cultural exchange between Asia and the West in order to raise the awareness of Asia contemporary art in the international market.

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