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You are a professional structure and you wish to invest your premises of artworks materializing your values while sublimating the various spaces of your establishment? 

We work on the realization of your project.We collaborate with all types of companies in order to determine then to concretize the image which it wishes to convey by means of the acquisition of a artwork. 

Art influences your environment and enriches the experience of your employees and customers.  It is a powerful communication vehicle that promotes your image while tending to inspire those around you. Whether it is a commercial space dedicated to a diverse public or a private space specifically designed to enhance the experience of individual clients, the works we submit to you will meet and magnify your functional, aesthetic and ethical needs. Our customized services ensure a personalized approach and save you a considerable time. Your time is precious and we make sure that your experience with us is a time and money saver. This is why we do not limit our advice to an aesthetic approach. Our advisors will also guide you through the tax advantages that the company status grants you. 

Do not hesitate to contact our team so that we can study your wishes together. 



Plan d'affaires

We jointly determine the identity and values you wish to convey. We then identify the functional and budgetary factors. 

Marchand d'art

We proceed to the selection of the works of art which result from the wishes we have targeted.  

Les hommes avec calculatrice

Buying through your company allows you to access considerable tax benefits. Our experts will present you with the different possibilities available to your structure. 

L'art traditionnel à l'encre et au pinceau

Our team assists you throughout the realization of your project: from the acquisition strategy to the conceptual and logistical coordination. 

Salon Sketch

Collaboration with architects and interior designers: we submit our selections taking into account your budget, your timeline and your artistic identity. 


Your Project :

We process your request.

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