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We assist the market and institutional players by working to elevate and enhance culture. Constantly aware of the latest news, our company puts you in touch with emerging and established artists with whom you can diversify your artistic programming.

We highlight creative projects and create educational exhibitions to provide your audience memorable cultural experiences. 

Driven by our passion and guided by our experience, we put our academic and commercial knowledge at your disposal. With our conceptual and editorial skills, we encourage dialogue and artistic excitement in your spaces. 

We also assist you in the promotion of the artists you represent and the cultural events you organize by ensuring their media coverage. 

Worried to establish a true democratization of art, a branch of cultural mediation can also be suggested to you in order to transmit to your public an educational accompaniment during their visit in your establishment. 



A travers la réflexion verre brisé

Exhibition programming 

Exhibition layout, catalog creation, promotional tools, event management. 


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