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Aware of the profusion of artists, the volatility of the market and its opacity, our services have for first mission to facilitate your access to it. 
Our prestations are aimed at all profiles: Neophytes, art lovers, investors or collectors. Our clients benefit from a tailor-made service, adapted to their wishes and budgets. 
The reasons which push you to acquire a work of art are innumerable. To decorate your living space, to build an emotional environment, to reflect your evolution, your tastes and your interests, to diversify your investment portfolio, or to transmit, can among other things be the basis of your project. We adapt to your needs and offer you a selection of works of art in adequacy with your project. 

Guided by our passion and our experience of the market, we offer you a personalized service which will guarantee you a perfect confidentiality. Unlike traditional establishments, our selection is not limited to a list of pre-established artists. The eclecticism of the options that we submit to you is notably explained by the diversity of the actors with whom we collaborate. Dealers, emerging and established artists, private collections, auctions. We survey works from both the primary and secondary markets, locally and internationally. Being purely dependent on the interests of our clients, our approach is impartial in suggesting the works we propose. Our market analysis, our network and our cultural knowledge ensure you the best possible choice for your acquisition and facilitate your access to it. 



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The discussions are the basis of your project.  We meet in order to jointly go through your desires, define them and target the practical means to be able to concretize them. 



We elaborate a selection in the form of a portfolio. According to your wishes, we can proceed to a viewing room, both virtual and material, so that you can project your vision within your daily environment. 

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We will then provide you an in-depth analysis of the artist you select. Local and international implantation, traceability, origin of the work, state of the galleries representing it, its presence in museums, foundations, its mercantile evolution, its adjudications. 



We proceed to the administrative steps aiming at the acquisition, we elaborate a strategy in order to negotiate the best and conceive solutions of financings adapted to your needs. Leasing, Patronage, Trust & Estates attorneys, CPAs, wealth advisors and financial planners prices.



We then coordinate the different actors aiming at its delivery and installation. We surround ourselves with the best service providers on the market and guarantee an impeccable quality of service. From Wall to the wall, we study together the various alternatives of exposure. From the choice of the frame or the base, the hanging, to the lighting of the work. 

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Our services do not stop after your purchase. We continue to assist you by advising you on the conservation of your property, its insurance or its storage. We collaborate with insurance brokers around the world. We can therefore provide you cost-effective logistical support as well as appropriate information on VAT and import taxes.


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